Read Article: The prison within – Overcoming fear by Dr Moses Simuyemba

Overcoming fear – introduction There is a prison that has an inmate population in the billions. It’s a prison without walls, without barbed wire, without guards and without any physical barrier. But it is the most effective prison in the whole world. Few escape it, but those who do find real and lasting freedom. That... Continue Reading →


Read a Life Transforming Article of a 20 years old Ayoade John on EGO

EGO a sense of many relationships,family and more today, don't die a natural death they are murdered by "EGO" I choose to call it self pride.You feel nobody is as important as you sometimes it comes up at an individuals ability to do something creative and is being loved by others but I strongly... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late

Senior Success Start Outs! I read an article today on a popular success related website that proclaimed if you have not made it by the age of 45 then your chances of breakthrough are very slim. How gloomy and negative can one be? All I can say in response to that statement is, “nonsense!” Colonel... Continue Reading →

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